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  1. sir muze enterprise resource planning ke swot analysis of oracle,ramco,baan iv,and etc mil sakta hai
    aur sir meine aapka phone bhi try kiya but lag nhi raha hai plz help mujhe aapse baat karni hai

      1. Bro.. Data warehouse and mining ke notes bht mst h but it is not sufficient do hi topics h eske sare imp topics dalne ka kst kre.. Ate krpa hogi.. yl.. Kuch nhi mil ra hindi m.. N apki allpolywordpress wo v private ho gyi.. So pls kuch kro yl..

      2. sir mujhe Boolean operators, Truth Tables, Closure property, Laws of Boolean
        Algebra, SOS, POS, Karnaugh map, Application of Boolean logic ke notes hindi me mil sakte hain kya.
        agar ho to mujhe mere no 8853327671 par whats up kar de ya phir apni website par dal de.
        Thank you very much.
        dheerendra kumar

  2. related notes of computer network security and cryptography…plz send it will be a immense help for me…

  3. Sir mujhe
    Specification and technical detail for establishing internet ke notes hindi me chahiye
    13 may 2016 tak

  4. Sir kuch aur notes
    domain name server, Intranet, e-commerce, NNTP (NETWORK NEWS TRANSFER PROTOCOL), URL, WWW and its features.
    Inke notes agar aapke pass uplabdh ho to plz zaldi mujhe send kar dijiye

  5. sir my question ..
    1.explain in crypthogrphy ??
    2. write a note a udp??
    3.wht is a segment ?each feild tcp segment ??
    4.settelight communication ??

  6. sir plz tpost these topic in hindi ……….book ( INSC )
    chapter. Internet Security protocols
    1.SSL (Secure socket layer
    2.SHTTP (secure hyper text transfer protocol.
    3.TSP (time stamping protocol
    4.SET(secure electronic Transaction


    chapter. Email Security
    2.SMTP (simple main transfer protocol)
    3.PEM (privacy enhanced protocol)
    4.PGP (preety good privacy
    5.SMIME (secure multipurpose internet mail extensions

    plz post in hindi ……………………………………..plz

  7. how the written codes are actually implemented in the computer?
    If we create new codes or words what is the warranty that they would be executed as per our wish?

      1. Bhaiya subjects or bhi nhi milte h…!! Mere exams chl rhe h Abhi n iss site n butt help ki h kri!! But butt are main topics hote h vo kbhi nhi Milte h yha!! No result found hi ata h

  8. Sir, I liked your notes a lot, can you provide me the notes on Computer Architecture?
    I have the exam on 24/07/2017 and sir I don’t have proper notes about that.
    please, sir, save my life.

    1. thank vishal but this is not possible to provide notes in such a short period of time… it is time taking process of making notes…

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