Office automation tools exam question paper BCA 2023

B.C.A 1st semester

Office Automation Tools exam question paper BCA

  1. (a) Specify the output of DIR command.

(b) How is recycle bin different from other folders?

(c) Define hot keys.

(d) Differentiate between portrait and landscape orientation.

(e) List any four names of chart in MS-Excel.

(f) Define Auto fill feature.

(g) What is the short cut key for new slide in MS- Power Point?

(h) Define design template in MS-Power Point.

(i) Mention redirection operators.

  1. (a) Differentiate between internal and external DOS commands.

(b) Explain automating information with fields feature.

(c) Describe coal seek feature of Excel.

(d) Differentiate between master and normal slide in relation to MS-Power point.

(e) Describe the find and replace feature.


3 .List syntax for following DOS command along with options and

Examples explaining the command:

  • FIND
  1. Describe briefly any four feature control panel.


  1. Explain Mail merge feature in detail.
  2. Discuss various options available in spell check feature of MS-Word.


  1. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Data sort

(b) Data filter

  1. Explain in detail any three types of function of MS-Excel.


  1. In relation to power point, Discuss custom animation and various feature available in it.
  2. Describe various type of action buttons available in Power Point.

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