e-commerce exam question paper BCA 2018 himanchal pardesh

BCA Vth Semester examination

E-Commerce exam question paper BCA 2018

  1. Attempt all question:
  • Which of the following describes e-commerce ?
  1. Doing business electronically
  2. Doing business
  3. Sales of goods
  4. All of above
  1. B2B
  2. B2C
  3. C2B
  4. all of the above
  • Which segment is eBay example?

(b) C2B
(c) C2C
(d)All of above

  • Which products are people most likely to be more uncomfortable buying on the internet?
  1. Books
  2. furniture
  3. Movies
  4. All of above
  • The solution for all business needs is
  1. EDI 
  2. ERP
  3. SCM   
  4. None of these
  • Which is a function of e- commerce?
  1. Marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Warehousing
  4. All of these
  • Which one is not an e- payment methods used in India?
  1. Debit card
  2. credit card
  3. e-Cheque
  4. none of these
  • OTP stand for:
  1. One time password
  2. On time processing
  3. On time password
  4. None of these
  •      When the transaction is processed online, how can the merchant  verify the customer’s identity?
  1. Use secure sockets layers
  2. Use secure electronic transaction
  3. Use electronic data interchange
  4. Use financial electronic data interchange
  • ERP stand for :
  1. Enterprise resolution
  2. Enterprise reverse planning
  3. Enterprise resource planning
  4. None of these

Attempt all short answer type Question:

  • consumer-to-business
  • e-governance
  • internet Banking
  • online marketing
  • e-shopping


  1. Define e-commerce. Discuss the various advantage and disadvantage of e-Commerce?
  2. Write short notes on the following:
  • Anatomy of e-commerce
  • Framework of e-Commerce


  1. Write merits and demerits of online marketing in detail.
  2. Write short notes on the following:

(a)Guidelines for internet advertising

(b)Active advertising models


  1. Discuss the various types of electronic payment system in detail.
  1. Write short notes on the following:
  • Risk involved electronic payment system
  • Token-based electronic payment systems


  1. Which is the component of e-CRM? How it does work?
  2. Write short note on the following:

(a) Social and business based issues of online privacy

(b) CRM utility in India.

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