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BCA IVth Semester Examination personnel management exam paper

Personnel management exam paper

(Compulsory Question)


Q1. Choose correct/incorrect of the following:

  • Selection of personal does not come under the function of personal management. (correct/incorrect)
  • Personal management is significant for all type of organizations.
  • Human resource planning deals only with the procurement source of personnel
  • Job description refers to the condition laid down by the organization for a job.
  • Training methods are categorized into on the job and Off the job methods.
  • Job evaluation is to evaluate one job with the other.
  • Behaviorally Anchored rating scales are a technique of performance appraisal.
  • MBO refers to management by objectives.
  • Promotion is considered horizontal action.
  • Career development falls under human resource development.
  1. Give short answer of the following:

(i)   What is the significance of the personnel management?

(ii) What do you understand by personnel management?

(iii) What is recruitment?

(iv)Define development.

(v) What is job evaluation?


  1. Briefly explain the function of personnel management?


Write a note on the organization of personnel department?


  1. Discuss the process and importance of human resource planning?


Explain the different selection methods?


  1. Discuss the different training methods?


What are the advantage of promotion ? Explain


  1. Comment the barriers of performance appraisal.


Briefly explain the different incentive plans

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