System analysis and design exam question paper BCA 2023

BCA IVth  Semester Examination

System analysis design exam paper

(Compulsory question)

  1. (i) A system design aid should primarily:

(a)  Help analyse both data and activities

(b)  Help in documentation

(c)  Generate code

(d)  Using a graphical user interface

(e)   None of the above

(ii)    Structured Programming involves:

  • Decentralization of program activity
  • Functional modularisation
  • Localisation of errors
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

 (iii) To reconstruct a system, which of the following key element (s) must Be considered:

  • Feedback and environment
  • Control and processors
  • Outputs and inputs
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

(iv)  The conditions immediately outside a system are called:

  • The boundary
  • The interface
  • The environment
  • None of the above

  (v)  A feasibility document should contain all of the following except:

(a) Project name

(b)  Problem description

(c)   Feasible alternative

(d)   data – flow diagrams

(e)    none of the above

(vi) Which of the following Information system are aimed at improving the routine business activities on which all organization depend?

  • Management Information system
  • Decision support system
  • Transaction processing system
  • Management support system
  • Transaction Information system

   (vii) Which of the following strategies are adopted if information Requirements are not well-defined?

  • Rapid application development method
  • Structured analysis development method
  • System development life cycle method
  • Prototyping method
  • Spiral method

(viii) Structure programming involves:

  • Functional modularization
  • Localization of errors
  • Decentralized programming
  • Stress on analysis
  • Stress on requirements gathering

(ix) Which of the following is not fact-finding technique?

  • Third party enquiry
  • Interview
  • Questionnaire
  • Record reviews
  • Observation

(x) Which of the following questions are useful in evaluating data flow diagram?

(a)  Are there any unnamed components in the data flow diagram ?

(b)  Are there any process that do not receive input?

(c) Are there any data stores that are input but never referenced?

(d) Both (a) and (b) above

(e) All (a),(b) and (c) above

(Short answer type question)

(xi) What do you mean by system? Explain open system and close system.

(xii) Define the importance of software requirement analysis.

(xiii) Identify any two method of doing cost benefit analysis. Write a brief not on each.

(xiv) What are data flow diagrams? How do they differ from structure charts?

(xv) What is the objective of testing


  1. What is project selection? Discuss the steps required for managing project and selection
  2. Explain the role of system analyst in every phase of s/w process.


  1. Write an explain important characteristics of good SRS. How prototype is useful in SRS? Discuss technical & economic feasibility study.
  2. Is Feasibility Study is necessary in software development? Discuss it with Different Feasibility Study.


6. Explain any two of the following:

(i)  Data dictionary

(ii) Decision table

(iii) Process organization

  1. (A) Discuss top down and bottom up variance detail.

(b) What do you mean by audit trail?


  1. What is testing? Discuss why testing is needed differentiate integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing?
  2. What are various approaches to design a good system? How database and files assist in designing?

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