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BCA Vth Semester examination

ASP.Net Technologies exam question paper 2018 BCA RUSA


(Compulsory Question)

  1. Do as directed (MCQ/True False/ Fill in the blanks):

(i). The .Net framework which provides automatic memory management using a technique is called ……………..

(ii). Which of the following is FALSE?

  • ASP .Net applications run without a Web Server
  • ASP + and ASP .Net refer to the same thing
  • ASP .Net is a major upgrade over ASP
  • None of the above

(iii). How do enable an application to use .Net base class library members without referencing their fully qualified names?

(iv). What is Unmanaged Code?

(v). What is Cust?

(vi). What are the namespaces that automatically imported into every ASP .Net page?

(vii). In ASP .Net in form page the object which contains the user name is ……………..

(vii). Which of the following method must be overridden in a costume control?

  • The paint () method
  • The control_build () method
  • The default constructor
  • The Render () method

(ix). If one has two different web from controls in an application and if one wanted to know whether the values in the above two different web from control matched, for that which control can be used.

(x). Select the type processing model that ASP .Net simulate:

  • Event-Driven
  • Static
  • Linear
  • Top-Down
  1. Attempt all of the following 25 to 50 words:
  • What are the state management options in ASP .Net?
  • Differentiate ASP .Net and VB.NET.
  • What are the functions of the components of the common language runtime?
  • Briefly describe three types of user-developed controls And how they differ?
  • What is the simplest way to write an HTML string to the output of an ASP .Net page?


  1. (a) What are the development tool and operational system that .Net provide to build, deploy and integrate application?

(b) Explain .Net compilation process.

  1. (a) Why do web Service use ASP .Net?

(b) Discuss the methods how to handle an error in .Net.

(c) What are the different types of Configuration files that the .Net Framework provides?


  1. (a) Define Operator. Explain the different kinds of operators which are used in VB.Net.

(b) Discuss which example the concept of Overriding Methods using Object and Class.

  1. (a) What are Assemblies and Namespace and explain the difference between them?

(b) Write a program in VB.NET to enter Name and date of birth of ten students and print their name and age.


  1. Discuss working and Syntax of following HTML Server Controls:
  • From
  • Span
  • Hyperlink
  • Input Controls
  • Table Controls
  1. Define Event. Describe the events used in the life cycle of a web Application.


  1. Define Validation Discuss properties and methods of Validation Controls.

10 (a) How User Controls are loaded dynamically?

(b) Differentiate Simple List Control and Template List Controls.

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