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BCA Vth Semester Examination

 Operating System exam question paper BCA 2018


(Compulsory Question)

  1. (A) Objective type question.
  1. the system with allows only one process execution at a time, are called:
  • Uni-programming system
  • Uni-processing system
  • Uni-tasking system
  • None of the mentioned

(ii)Scheduling is done so as to:

  • Increase CPU utilization
  • Decrease CPU utilization
  • Keep the CPU more idle
  • None of these

(iii)Round robin scheduling falls under the category of :

  • Non-preemptive scheduling
  • Preemptive scheduling
  • None of these
  • Both (a) and (b

(iv)  To avoid deadlock:

  • There must be a fixed number of resource to allocate
  • Resource allocation must be done only once
  • All deadlock processes must be aborted
  • Inversion technique can be used

(v)  Turnaround time is:

  •  The total waiting time for a process to finish execution
  •  The total time spend in the ready Queue
  • The total time spend in the running queue
  • The total time from the completion

(vi) Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by :

  • Memory management unit
  • UPU
  • PCI
  • None of the mentioned

(vii) The segment base contains the :

  • Starting logical address of the process
  • Starting physical address of the segment in memory
  • Segment length
  • None of these

(viii) Virtual memory is normally implemented by……………. .

  • Demand paging
  • Buses
  • Virtualization
  • All of these

(ix) The only state transition that is initiated by the user process itself is:

  • Block
  • Wake-up
  • Dispatch
  • None of these

(x) The data structure used for file directory is called:

  • Mount table
  • Hash table
  • File table
  • None of these

(B)    Short Answer Type question:

(i)    Operating system act as a resource manager. Justify.

(ii)   What are the main reason for process suspension?

(iii)   Difference between static and dynamic memory allocation.

(iv)   What is virtual memory?

(v)   Discuss free space management.


  1. Explain multi-programming and multi-user operating system with explain.
  2. Describe the general roles of an operating system and elaborate why these roles are important.


  1. what is cpu scheduling and explain its algorithms?
  2. Define deadlock with real life example. What is the necessary condition for deadlock occurs?


6. What are memory management schemes? Explain fixed and dynamic partitioning.
7. Write short notes on the following :


8. What is the various allocation methods? Which allocation method is best and why?

9. What is directory system? Discuss tree structured directory system. What are it advantage over two level directory system?

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