Data Structure Syllabus polytechnic uttarakhand

DATA STRUCTURE Syllabus polytechnic Uttarakhand

DATA STRUCTURE Syllabus polytechnic Uttarakhand

  1. Fundamental Notations (08 Periods)

Problem-solving concept, top-down and bottom-up design, structured programming, Concept of data types, variables and constants, Concept of pointer variables and Constants

  1. Arrays (10 Periods)

Concept of Arrays, Single dimensional array, Two-dimensional array storage strategy of multidimensional arrays, Index Formula for single and multidimensional Array, Operations on arrays with Algorithms (Insertion, deletion), Advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Linked Lists (14 Periods)

Introduction to linked list and doubly linked list, Representation of linked lists in Memory, Traversing a linked list, Searching linked list, Insertion and deletion into a linked list, Application of linked lists, Doubly linked lists, Traversing a doubly-linked list, Insertion, and deletion into doubly linked lists

  1. Stacks, Queues, and Recursion (10 Periods)

Introduction to stacks, Representation of stacks, Implementation of stacks using Array & Link List, Uses of stacks, Introduction to queues, Implementation of queues (with algorithm), Circular Queues, De-queues, Recursion.

  1. Trees, Graph and Table (24 Periods)

Concept of Trees, Concept of representation of Binary tree, Binary search trees Traversing Binary Trees (Pre-order, Postorder and In order), Searching, inserting and deleting binary search trees, AVL Tree, B-Tree, Introduction to graphs, types of graphs, Breadth-first search, Depth-first search, Adjacent matrix, Searching Sequential table, Hash tables

  1. Sorting and Searching (14 Periods)

Introduction, Search algorithm (Linear and Binary), Concept of sorting, Sorting algorithms (Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Selection Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Radix Sort) and their comparisons, Complexity Analysis of Sorting Algorithms.


Write programs in C to implement

  1. Inserting and deleting elements in an array
  2. Insertion and deletion of elements in linked list
  3. Insertion and deletion of elements in double linked list
  4. Stack implementation using arrays
  5. Stack implementation using pointers
  6. Queue implementation using arrays
  7. Queue implementation using pointers
  8. Linear search in a given list
  9. Binary search in a given list
  10. Implementation of binary search tree
  11. Implementation of bubble sort algorithm
  12. Im.plementation of insertion sort algorithm
  13. Implementation of quick sort algorithm
  14. Implementation of selection sort algorithm
  15. Conversion from infix and post-fix notation
  16. Implementation of factorial of a number using recursion
  17. Implementation of Fibonacci series using recursions

DATA STRUCTURE Syllabus polytechnic uttarakhand

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