multimedia syllabus uttarakhand

1. Introduction (10 Periods)
Introduction to multimedia, hypertext, hyper graphics, animation, application in
Education training, science and technology, business and games
2. Multimedia Hardware (10 Periods)
Multimedia PC configuration, features and specifications of sound and video
Interfaces, OCR, touch-screen, scanners, digital cameras, speakers, printers,
Plotters, optical disks and drives as CDROM and DVD. Multimedia Networks
3. Data Compression (14 Periods)
Huffman Coding, Shannon Fano Algorithm, Huffman Algorithms, Adaptive
Coding, Dictionary based, Compression, Sliding Window Compression, LZW
compression, Compression, Compression ratio loss less & lossy compression,
4. Images (10 Periods)
Multiple monitors, bitmaps, Vector drawing, lossy graphic compression, image
file formats, animations Images standards, JPEG Compression, Zig Zag Coding,
Multimedia Database, Content based retrieval for text and images.
5. Audio & Video (12 Periods)
Digital Audio concepts, Sampling Variables, Loss less compression of sound, loss,
compression & silence compression, Video representation, Colors, Video,
Compression, MPEG standards, MPEG Standard Video Streaming on net, Video
Conferencing, Multimedia Broadcast Services, Indexing and retrieval of Video
Database, recent development in Multimedia.
6. Flash (08 Periods)
Exploring interface, using selection and pen tools, working with drawing and
painting tools, applying color, viewing and manipulating time line, time line/stage
relationship, animating (frame-by-frame, twining), guiding layers, importing and
editing sound and video clips in flash, importing and exporting flash files in other

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