Computer System Peripherals Syllabus Uttarakhand

1. Video Display (10 Period)
The basic principle of working of video monitors(CRT/TFT/LCD/LED), video display adapters, video modes Video display EGA/VGA/SVGA/PCI adapters and their architecture, peripheral device

2. Key Board and Mouse (8 Period)
Types and basic principle of working of wired /wireless key board and wired /optical/wireless mouse, scan codes.

3. Disk Drivers (14 Period)
Features and working of hard disk drive, floppy disk drive, optical and DVD disk drives and CD writer, Pen Drive, Logical structure of disk and its organization and boot record

4. Peripheral Devices, Ports and Connectors (14 Period)
Working principle of various input devices such as Scanner, Tablets, touch screen, light pen, digitizers and joystick, Serial, Parallel, PS/2, USB, RJ- 45, BNC

5. Printers (14 Period)
Principle and working of deskjet, Inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers and plotters

6. Networks Peripherals (Features and Working) (12 Period)
Hub, Switches, Gateway, Router, Bridge, Modem, Patch Panel, I/O Box, Patch Cord, Wireless access point, LAN card(wired/wireless access)

7. Power Supplies (Working Principle) (8 Period)
SMPS, Constant voltage transformers, On Line/Off Line uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

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