Programming in ‘C’ Syllabus – Uttarakhand

1. Algorithm and Programming Development (04 Periods)
Steps in development of a program, Flow charts, Algorithm development, Debugging

2. Program Structure (06 Periods)
I/O statements, assignment statements. Constants, variables and data types, Operators and Expressions, Use of Header files & Library functions, Keyword, data Types, and Identifiers

3. Control Structures (10 Periods)
Introduction, Decision making with IF – statement, IF – Else and Nested IF, While and do-while, for loop, Break and switch statements

4. Functions (10 Periods)
Introduction to functions, Function Declaration, Standard functions, Parameters, and Parameter Passing, Call by value/reference, Global and Local Variables, Recursion

5. Arrays (8 Periods)
Introduction to Arrays, Array Declaration, and Initialization, Single and Multidimensional Array. Arrays of characters

6. Pointers (8 Periods)
Introduction to Pointers, Address operator, pointer and functions, Declaring and Initializing pointers, Assignment through pointers, Pointers and Arrays

7. Structures and Unions (8 Periods)
Declaration of structures, Accessing structure members, Structure Initialization, Arrays of structures, Unions, Memory allocation functions.

8. Strings (5 Periods)
Introduction of string, Declaring and Initializing string variables, Reading and writing strings, String handling functions, Array of strings

9. Files (05 Periods)
file handling, File reading/writing in different modes, File manipulation using standard function types

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