How To Prepare for the UPTET Exam in Just 60 Days?

You have received your UPTET Admit Card but have less time to prepare for the exam. Everyone wants to have great marks in their exam. UPTET is one of the most important exams to prepare for students who want to start their careers as government teachers.

Go With 3P Exam Preparation Strategy For 2 Months

Are you running out of time? Are you having only 2 months to get into exam preparation? Let’s check it out in a detailed manner –

  • 1st P For Plan – If we talk about the 1st P, it is all about “Planning” which includes a sophisticated timetable. Here, you also need to work on how much time you would be needed to prepare each subject. This “P” is all about analyzing the ability of a student.
  • 2nd P For Prepare – The next “P” is about “Preparation.”It needs to get done as per the timetable as well as the days you would be needed to dedicate to each subject. Experts and toppers also say that weekends can also be chosen for getting into Mock Test and Sectional Test regarding specific subjects.
  • 3rd P For Practice – And now the last “P” comes on the list called “Practice.” It is the only practice that makes a person perfect. Talking about specific subjects including Mathematics, Grammar, or Reasoning, each one requires enough practice to get good at it. Moreover, practice also takes your self-esteem to the next level. It makes you get filled with the required confidence to go for the exam.

Start Doing Practice From Previous Years’ Questions For 2 Months  –

Since you are left with quite less time, you need to make sure that you are going with accurate preparation. It will be helpful to solve the previous year’s question papers. This is the way to get a high score along with an excellent percentage. Solving previous year’s questions paper will help to understand the pattern. You will get to have an idea about the types of questions you will have in your exam. You need to analyze them, evaluate them, etc., so that your preparation level goes up.

Candidates need to practice as well as emphasize subjects. It is quite important. You need to keep solving the questions as much as you can do. The more you solve, the better you will be.

Always do keep one thing in mind you need to understand the in-depth of the chapter. If you get to understand that, half of your doubts will go away. Your life will become easier indeed since you know that most of your doubts have been cleared because of doing an in-depth study. Because of less time, you need to study more smartly. Do not go studying the whole day but make it smart to understand the summary of a topic.

Online Mock Test –

The next thing you can do is attend a mock online test or prefer a question bank while having your weekend. Here, you need to analyze the areas you are weak. It will help you to get to know what areas you are weak in and you need to do more hard work on that. Do understand each topic and get indulge in preparation putting in your best efforts.

Work On Your Accuracy –

The next thing you can do is work on your accuracy. The best thing about the UPTET exam is that students can attend as many as questions they want without hassling about the negative marking. There is no negative marking in the exam. Candidates do require to do more practice so that their accuracy can be improved. Moreover, your speed to solve answers will also get improved in a great way. 

Keep Preparing Quick Notes –

This is considered a part of a smart study. Quick notes help a lot to understand the concepts and topics in a better way. When you have quick notes, you know that you can do a quick revision quite easily. The entire syllabus will be available in front of you in the form of quick notes. Moreover, you must go with using the text highlight so that you can underline the things you want and you can read and understand quickly every time you go through the subject.

In The last –

To revise your points in a better way, it will be quite helpful to keep preparing the short tables as well as notes. You should also go with essential concepts, definitions, etc. You can also have a lot of stuff online.

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