Internet of Things (IoT) Syllabus – Uttarakhand Polytechnic

1. Introduction to IoT

Defining IoT, Characteristics of IoT, Physical design of IoT, Logical design of IoT, Functional blocks of IoT, Communication models & APIs, Advantage & Disadvantage of IoT

 2. IoT& M2M 

Machine to Machine, Difference between IoT and M2M, Software define Network    

3. Network & Communication aspects 

Wireless medium access issues, MAC protocol survey, Survey routing protocols, Sensor deployment & Node discovery, Data aggregation & dissemination    

4. Challenges in IoT

Design challenges, Development challenges, Security challenges, Other challenges    

5. Domain specific applications of IoT

Home automation, Industry applications, Surveillance applications, Other IoT applications    

6. Developing IoTs

Introduction to Python, Introduction to different IoT tools, Developing applications through IoT tools, Developing sensor-based application through embedded system platform, Implementing IoT concepts with python  

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