Image, audio, video file formats in hindi

image file format in hindi:-

image file format निम्नलिखित है:-

1:-PNG:-Portable network graphics
2:-TIFF:- Tag Image File Format
3:-JPEG:-Joint Photographic Experts Group
4:- BMP:-Windows bitmap
5:-GIF:-Graphics Interchange
6:- IFF:-Interchange File Format
8:- RLE:-Run-Length Encoding
9:- EXIF:-Exchangeable Image File Format
10:- SVG:-Scalar Vector Graphic
11:- PSD:-Photoshop Document
12:- EPS:-Encapsulated Post Script
13:- AI:-Adobe Illustrator Art Work
14:- SWF:-Small Web Format

Audio file formats:-

ऑडियो फ़ाइल फॉर्मेट निम्नलिखित है:-
1:- MP3:-MPEG-1(Moving Picture Experts Group 1) layer 3
2:- WAVE:-Resource Interchange File Format Waveform
3:- MIDI:-Musical Instrument Digital Interface
4:- WMA:-Windows Media Audio
5:- AIFF:-Audio Integrated File Format
6:- AAC:-Advanced Audio Coding

Video file formats:-

वीडियो फ़ाइल फॉर्मेट निम्नलिखित है:-
1:-MOV:-QuickTime Movie
2:-AVI:-Audio/Video Interleave
3:-WMV:-Windows Media Video
4:-ASF:–Advanced Systems Format
5:-AVCHD:-Advanced Video Coding, High Definition
6:-FLV या SWF:-Flash Video
7:-3gp:-3rd Version of generation protocol
8:-MP4:-MPEG-4 Video File
9:-MPG:-MPEG Video File

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