C Programming exam question paper BCA 2023

C programming exam paper 2023 BCA


(Compulsory Question)

  1. (i) the C language was develop by ………….

(ii) C program is basically a collection of function                 (true/false)

(iii) C program execution begins from …………… function.

(iv) C keyword can be used as variable names.

(v) Name the format specfier that can be used to print a character variable.

(vi) Stract (sl ,s2) concatenates s2 at the end of sl.

(viii) In c language .an array index start from ……………

(ix) Write the operator used to donate a pointer.

(x) Get () function is used to ………….

(B) (I) differentiate between array and variable.

(ii) Write note on comma operator.

(iii) What do you mean by dynamic memory allocation?

(iv) Write a short note on symbolic constants.

(v) Discuss various rules for identifier naming.


  1. Explain the various characteristics of C language.
  2. Explain in detail High level, Machine language and Assembly language.


  1. What is an operator? Explain the arithmetic relational, logic and assignment operator in C language.

5 . Discuss various function used for character I/O in C language


  1. (a) Explain the switch statement with syntax and example.

(b) Write a short note on multidimensional array.

  1. Explain any five string manipulating library functions with examples.


  1. What is function parameter? Explain different type of parameter in C functions.
  2. Discuss various operations performed on pointers.

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