Java Syllabus Uttarakhand

1. Introduction to Java (10 Periods)
A brief history, Introduction to OOPS, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java In Time (JIT) compiler, Java features, comparison with C and C++, set java class path, environment variables. java byte code

2. Java Fundamentals (16 Periods)
Introduction to classes and object, defining class, scope rules, reference variable and reference value, Initializing Local Variables, constructors, primitive data types, initial value for variables, arithmetic logical and bitwise operators, new, equality, instance-of operator, conditional operator, control flow statements, foreach loop, Widening and Narrowing Conversions, assigning and casting reference values, java methods, arrays, Anonymous Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Enum, Typesafe Enums, Enum Constructors and Members, Implicit Static Methods for Enum Types, Inherited Methods from the Enum Class, parameter passing, passing object reference value, passing array reference value, final parameter, final Parameters, Variable Arity Methods, Calling a Varargs Method command line arguments.

3. Object Oriented Programming (16 Periods)
Member Accessibility Modifiers, Other Modifiers for Members, Instance members, static members, instance initializer block, static initializer block, constructor chaining, class hierarchy, Anonymous Class, Static Class, Inheritance, Constructor Overloading, Method Overloading, Method Overriding and Method Hiding, super, this, final, string class, Inheritance vs Aggregation, Nested Classes and Interfaces, Static Member Classes and Interfaces, Non-static Member Classes, Local Classes, Nested Type Declarations, Local Class, Anonymous Class, Fundamental Classes: The Object Class, The Wrapper Classes, The Math Class, The String Class, The StringBuffer Class, Garbage collection. Printwriter Class.

4. Exception Handling & Garbage Collection (12 Periods)
Exception, Exception Types, Checked and Unchecked Exceptions, Exception Class Hierarchy, Exception handling (try, catch, finally), Throw Statement, throws clause, creating your own exception classes, Object Finalization, Finalizer Chaining, Invoking Garbage Collection Programmatically.

5. Interfaces, Packages & Generics (14 Periods)
Abstract class, interface, Implementing Interface, Adapter classes, packages, Import package, jar file, Introducing Generics, Generic Types, Parameterized Types, Generic Interfaces, Generic Reference Assignment, Call Set and Get Methods

6. Multi-threading & Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) (12 Periods)
life cycle of Thread, Thread Creation, Synchronization, Thread Transitions Overview, Two and Three-Tier Application, JDBC Drivers, Accessing Database using JDBC

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